Never Seen Before – 7/29/18 Syracuse Chiefs at Durham Bulls

They say that no matter how many baseball games you watch, every game has something you’ve never seen before. In this light, “Never Seen Before” is a series of reports for each game I attend in person.

I’m not sure I would describe Slip ‘N Slides as fun. Diving headfirst onto a Slip ‘N Slide is a painful physical activity that looks so much like it might be fun that people do it even though it’s not fun. Before you flop onto a Slip ‘N Slide, you giggle with anticipation. Afterward, you check for scabs and wonder why you didn’t just go on any regular playground slide.

Before this game, I had never seen an adult use an infield tarp like a Slip ‘N Slide before.

A fan was arrested in the ballpark because he jumped on the field as the rain pelted down, whipped his shirt off, dove and slid a little on his bare stomach over the wet tarp, then got up, put his shirt on, and jumped off the field. Security was nowhere to be found, so he waited patiently in the concourse for them to put handcuffs on him for the crime of thrilling 10,000 fans with a pointless but joyful act.

Any fun he might have had was pure exhibitionism, because I maintain that Slip ‘N Slides are not fun.

Old Time Baseball – Baseball Game Encyclopedia

Title: Old Time Baseball
System: PC (MS-DOS)
Release Year: 1995
Developer: Stormfront Studios
Download Links: The ISO

Description: Old Time Baseball is an MS-DOS baseball game built off of the Tony La Russa Baseball engine. Its most notable feature: Rosters (of varying quality) for every Major League team from 1871 to 1981.



Pace of Play in MLB: The Show

I buy MLB The Show every three years. No, really: On my shelf right now I can see MLB 09 and MLB 12, and then I have a digital copy of MLB 15. So of course I bought this year’s version. Disturbingly, this every three years thing hasn’t been a conscious decision on my part.

I’ve never really, deeply enjoyed The Show like I have with virtually every other baseball video game I play, from Out of the Park to Ken Griffey for the N64 to Pro Yakyuu Spirits. A post on the PlayStation Blog promoting some “additions” to The Show‘s franchise mode may have given me one reason why.

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The Braves Started This Mess

It’s been a frustrating offseason. Instead of a slow cascade of interesting trades and signings, giving us new possibilities to think and write and argue about, we’ve gotten a long, cold winter of labor unrest.

So this is a wonderful time to start a baseball blog. There’s a vast shortage of non-depressing things to write about baseball (and honestly the depressing articles have gotten repetitive), and so I’ve hopped right in, buying shares of Enron on August 30th, 2000. And you’re here reading this, so let’s ride this sport into the ground together, shall we?

I’m a Braves fan, so, while there are so many things to talk about here that it will be hard to write a focused article, I’m going to try and express what it’s been like to be a Braves fan during their rebuild for the last three years, and where that rebuild has taken us today.

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